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New Year today? Or New Year later?

As we move into the new year I start to contemplate my options, and I am curious what all of you do. Are you the kind of person that looks at New Year’s eve, 12:00 AM, like a line drawn in the sand? 2008 is over and it is time to move on to bigger, better, greater, move fabulous things in 2009? Are you anxious? Unsure? Just not able to convince yourself that its going to be any different?

In my humble opinion- it isn’t about one year being over, and another one beginning. It is a continuum that isn’t definable by a date and a time. Our lives keep going, our careers keep going, our business keeps going, the world around us… it all keeps going. New Year’s Eve is just a passing day of celebration that seems to be full of hope and dreams revolving around a silly day that the rest of the world picked to mean something. If you must pick a day, pick a day that means something to you, and don’t spend it drinking and making promises, spend it doing something that moves you in the direction of the changes you want to make. Do something big, something crazy, something the “old you” wouldn’t have done! Break your pattern, make your move, do it now. Talk is cheap, motion is action. Don’t hinge your future on someone elses traditions.


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Mud is main blog writer extraordinaire, picture guru, and the garden and adventure instigator. She loves to cook, but doesn’t much like following a recipe. She also loves typewriters, the color turquoise, and wearing tie dye with stripes. And she dorks out on while dreaming up and planning her next garden.

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