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never a dull moment

the sky is a rainbow at sunset.
growing my first ever veggie garden.
first mystery garden invader! it burrows.
pooped in the woods… reminded me of my first aqua-poo.
bats in the house.
i smushed a bug in my bra without getting wigged out.
treasure chest of a hardware store on lumber rd with dusty things and really nice people.
i think i just heard a “mooo,” mom says, “how cool would it be if a cow walked up our hill right now?”
organic strawberry ale!
honor system blueberry pickin’ up Berry Hill Rd.
self service 24 hour organic grocery store down a dirt road.
5 miles as the crow flies, 30 minutes by car.
bluegrass pickin’ in the streets.
spontaneous jam sessions at the music shop on instruments with expensive price tags.
magical, helpful, friendly, happy people.
“you’ve landed smack in the middle of hippidom.”
we have two mailmen, robert and bob, they drive their own cars and inform us that our road doesn’t get plowed.
water tastes exquisite.
the air is exquisite.
tractors for sale in front lawns.
hay everywhere.
cows munching and in mud baths on the way home.
decent 5 mile mountain bike/run loop right from my driveway.
wildflowers everywhere.
more crazy awesome thunderstorms.
tick on my leg, tick behind her ear, ticks on the dogs.


About mudly

Mud is main blog writer extraordinaire, picture guru, and the garden and adventure instigator. She loves to cook, but doesn’t much like following a recipe. She also loves typewriters, the color turquoise, and wearing tie dye with stripes. And she dorks out on while dreaming up and planning her next garden.

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