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this Fall is the real deal

unlike what people like to call “Fall” in Florida. Which is NOT the real deal at all, but some fuzzy gray area of a season that people like to believe in because they need some sort of hope that the crazy heat and humidity of summer is finally over. I speak from experience. So, having been there for, a ridiculous 6 years now, I have missed definitive seasons, my body and mind have missed them. The cycle of it all. I won’t go into the typical hoopla about change and rejuvenation, etc. but I know you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, its refreshing. Fall, real Fall, is really freaking refreshing. And its really freaking exciting. Because Fall here means that Winter is coming, and real Winter is something that I have totally forgotten about. Winter in Florida just marks the season of crazy old people driving on the wrong side of the road and taking left turns on red. Winter here is something we have to prepare for. Which I like.

The mailman told us our road doesn’t get “pushed.” Somebody at the post office told us about how they were without power for 2 weeks. Our landlords’ kids told us they didn’t go to school for the whole month of February last year because of snow. The guy who dropped a dump truck load of firewood in our driveway told us there was no way it’d be enough. The man who delivered the kerosene told us to make sure we had a lot of food. Actually, come to think of it, most everybody has said that.

So we prepare, as best we know how to.

Every week this summer we bought extra veggies and put some away in the freezer. We canned what we could, although we know it won’t last us through to spring. Our pantry and kitchen cabinets have food stacked in every available space – it kinda looks like a mini grocery store. But its only full of the food we eat and love. Its like a dream come true for a hungry person like me.

This past weekend we started stacking firewood on the lee side of the house close to a door. I even wore a flannel shirt (which I haven’t done since middle school) just because it felt right for the job. And the whole time I was doing it I was smiling. Partially about how this fit into the process of preparing for the imminent cold weather and the other part because of how cool it was that I knew how to stack firewood because Chuck had insisted on nicely stacked wood for our firings of the wood kiln at school. At the time it seemed a little overzealous, now it totally makes sense and I’m happy I know. Thanks Chuckers.

I realize that I’m excited about all of this because its all new to me, which makes me question whether or not I will still be excited when its old hat… Or if it will just that- old hat. And then I think that even when the cycle/process is no longer new, there will always be new elements, additions, changes, etc. I guess its going to be a matter of whether or not I will still appreciate the process in its cyclical-ness with ever increasing dimensions.


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This entry was posted on October 5, 2010 by in Everything All in One Place.

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