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I’m Saving My Ego

for what I’m not exactly sure. But its away, perhaps I’ve put it in such a good hiding place that I’ll forget where it is.

Lately I have noticed a change in the way I approach unfamiliar and/or difficult situations. I used to sort of go at them head on, in attack mode, fiercely protecting both my pride and my ego. I thought that I thought things through, but was I thought about was how I felt. Emotion was my driving force.

I can’t yet pin point when I changed this. I’m not even sure if it happened all at once or eventually. I will say that I know I am more aware of it now. The first time I think it might have been a sort of subconscious action, brought on by what… I have no idea. I would hope a desire for different results.

Maybe it started with my brother and a desire to help him and a realization that my emotions, my wanting things for him, wasn’t going to help him at all. A realization that the only thing that might help was if I could act, at every opportunity, with intention. Thinking about what outcome I was trying to achieve before making a first move. And this thought process broke it down into simple enough terms, in my own head, that I was able to act- rather then just throw up my arms in frustration with my head held high thinking I was a better person. Because damnit, I’m not, I’m just a person, for better or for worse. Just like you’re a person.

RAGGEDedge also never ceases to provide me with opportunities to practice this thinking with intention. I interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis. Some of those interactions are simple, rewarding, even awesome- those ones are easy. Some are absolutely mind boggling- they come flying out of left field and slap me upside the head- these ones it would be easier to ignore. But there would just be more tomorrow. So I work hard at trying to figure out what my goal is before I respond (and lucky most of these are by email, so I have some time to gather myself). Knee jerking is allowed in the form of yelling incredulously across the room at my mother, but, as a rule, it is not allowed for actual business communications.

My bestest example so far (and perhaps the inspiration behind this): I sent the following email to a bigwig at Fox that sent us an email asking for a discount on our new backpack because he’d take it around and show it off, etc:

Please realize that I’ve tried to come up with an answer that won’t sound crass, but it is the nature of email that tone is left to the reader…

That said- the very nature of your request says to me that you don’t really value or understand our company and what we are all about. Looking beyond our awesome materials, our customers come to us, and come back for, the quality, attention to detail, and uniqueness (know anybody else that makes a carbon fiber backpack?) of what we make. These principles are at the core of our business, and we are able to maintain them at a very high level, while further developing and improving our products, because of who we are and how small we are. It is the understanding and appreciation of these principles that encourages people to support our endeavors and others like ours.

And his response? He appreciated my honesty and bought a bag.

My intention going into that email was not for him to buy a bag, but more for him to realize what he was asking, and why it didn’t make sense.


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