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if not for fun, then why?

I have hills all around my house, in fact I basically live on top of one, so whenever I go for a run, I’m doing hill work and the way home is always uphill. If that sounds a little whiny, its suppose to. That’s the conversation my brain has with itself every time I say I should go for a run. So of course, I’ve been listening, which means I haven’t been running.

I ignored my brain’s pathetic whining today and went for a run anyways. The hills were still there of course, but instead of focusing on how much slower they make me on the way up, I decided to have fun trying to see how much faster I could run on the way down. It was nuts! A couple times I really came close to falling face first onto the gravel and tumbling my way the rest of the way down, but damn if I didn’t have a giant smile on my face.

And let me not forget to mention, that with those hills also comes beautiful fall leaves and trees, turkeys, deer, no cars in sight, fresh air all around, and a howling breeze. If all of this is out there, and its all part of the experience, why is my brain focusing on the hard part? And furthermore, why is that deterring me? I’ve always said I like a good challenge. This is a confusing realization.

From this, jump with me to my next contemplation…

Usually we start doing something because its fun, and in turn, because that something is new, it is inherently fun. Its a perfect little cycle really. But that exciting shiny new fun also inherently has a lifespan. The newness wears off and the slap-you-in-the-face-this-is-ridiculously-awesome fun sorta disappears. My question here, is what does it turn into? Where does the fun factor come from long term? Is fun even still a part of the equation? Does the fun become an underlying by-product of the challenge at hand, or the evolution of it all? Or is it gone entirely?

I’m game to believe that the fun has just evolved along with my relationship to the experience at hand- be it a friendship, activity, experience, etc. Fun is a starting point, its what sucks us in for sure. But the deeper we get involved in something, the more I think the fun becomes a sort of steady natural part of the ebb and flow, it becomes less of the focus, allowing room for other aspects of the relationship to grow, should there be anything else there to keep it alive.



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This entry was posted on October 26, 2010 by in Everything All in One Place.

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