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Live Long and Try Stuff

There’s a world of information and knowledge and things to learn out there. Literally. A whole freaking WORLD. If I so choose, I can learn infinitely. I will never run out of resources. This scares me and excites me in mostly equal portions; balance slightly shifting in one direction or the other depending on the rest of my state of mind.

Today I woke up excited about it. Lately I find myself reading a lot as a means to seek out the information I desire. I encounter something about myself or the world that I’d like to better understand, or that I’d like to change, and I go looking for stories from people who have been there and done that. If I have questions, the world has the answer, somehow, somewhere. Its just a matter of if, and then how, I choose to seek it out.

Right now, I’m somewhere in the middle of at least 6 books, plus at least 3 blogs I read nearly daily. I savor each one. I read a little bit at a time. Letting each little bit percolate. Rest. Absorb. I allow myself time to take action, experiment, practice. Then I read more. Hungry for the next  building block.

Each book and blog has become its own little project of mine. Each one offers me insight and direction in different aspects of my life. I read in search of balance and growth, maybe even balanced growth.

The key is not reading too much and getting overwhelmed by the never-ending world of stuff I don’t know anything about. Because that world full of never-ending stuff means that there is always progress to made, should we choose to seek it out. We are never out of options. We are never stuck and there is never just one way. There’s always another thing to try, another place to go, another person to meet. Its largely a matter of deciding to believe its possible, whatever it is.


About mudly

Mud is main blog writer extraordinaire, picture guru, and the garden and adventure instigator. She loves to cook, but doesn’t much like following a recipe. She also loves typewriters, the color turquoise, and wearing tie dye with stripes. And she dorks out on while dreaming up and planning her next garden.

One comment on “Live Long and Try Stuff

  1. Meka
    January 28, 2011

    You don’t want to know how many books I have started!!! Glad I’m not the only one!! Funny I read this today as I placed an order for way to many books for hte kids. I’m addicted to books! There is just so much to learn and enjoy in those little things!!!

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