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Hooray! to a day without SUGAR

Doc Holly told mom and I over a year ago that she thought we both had Candida and would greatly benefit from not eating sugar for a while. I remember panicking. I like sugar in my coffee, and I like coffee, and I like something sweet after something savory, and cinnamon rolls and chocolate chips cookies are my all time favorite foods. Sugar is practically like the grease that makes the world go round without squeaking. How could she possibly be serious?

She was. In fact, that was exactly why she was serious.

So we tried. We read a lot about Candida, and decided we probably did have a pretty bad case of it, and it would be a really good idea to try and kill it off. We went to the bookstore and found ourselves a reasonable Candida cookbook, complete with week by week, step by step meal plans. Quickly it became a far scarier concept that I had first imagined. When it isn’t just the usual sugar you’re trying to avoid, but all kinds, shapes, sizes and funny names – “sugar” lurks in lots of places you don’t think of. I seriously started to wonder what I could eat. And I like to eat, so this was seriously a very serious question.

I wasn’t ready to go no sugar cold turkey. I wasn’t in the mindset. I didn’t care enough about all the great things that eradicating the yeasty beasties would do for me. I’ve lived with dandruff for years, yes its irritating, but so is not eating all my favorite foods. The balance of pleasure vs. pain was not siding in favor of the attack on Candida. So we compromised. A lot. Instead of eating real hard core sugar, we just substituted Xylitol and agave. We were pickier, and we were more aware, but we didn’t really give anything up.

I’ve known that sugar is pretty evil stuff since high school. And I’ve only in the past couple of years learned just how evil, is evil. Its badness level is up there with cigarettes. I know this and I’m still addicted damnit.

But today I didn’t have any sugar of any kind. Today I did it.

It started on Saturday night, I was reading Cure Tooth Decay, and among many other things, the message was clear again – sugar is contributing to my problem. The concern was not as direct as I had thought, but more indirectly, as it pertains to its effects on my pH and ability to maintain alkalinity, which in turn of course contributes to tooth health.

I hate that I have bad teeth. I hate that I’ve had more fillings then I can even remember (the number is well past 20). I hate it partially because its not fair. My brother doesn’t even brush his teeth regularly (at least he didn’t use too) and he’s never even had one cavity. And its not like he eats better then I do.

So I got really super excited about the possibility of having better teeth. The possibility of fixing my teeth. I mean, REALLY excited. I told mom I was quitting sugar for a week, starting on Sunday. She could participate or not. For once I was going to her with the crazy eating dietary change of the moment and not the other way around. She said she was in. If I could do it she could too.

Sunday was going OK, but we missed our morning coffee and our afternoon chocolate snack.  Uncharacteristically we both took naps, and we had shit to do. So I woke up and made us coffee, and put just a tiny spoonful (instead of a spoonful and a half) of sugar in each. I decided being flexible was better then being miserable. Besides, we had come far, and we had much further to go.

Monday was going even better, until we had errands to run in town. Which meant that we were going to want to stop at the coffee shop. Damnit. And we did. But, behold a victory: I had my latte sans sugar!! And I liked it. Our weakness came to those pesky homemade whoopie pies they so conveniently keep on the counter. We split one. Two days down. And only one slip up each day. I’m motivated for 3rd days the charm, especially with the coffee victory under my belt.

And today there was complete total and utter victory! Today there was no sugar. At all. Of any kind. Sneaky or otherwise.

I think the flexibility of the commitment is actually what made me want to try harder to commit, if that even makes sense.


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One comment on “Hooray! to a day without SUGAR

  1. Meka
    March 2, 2011

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! You know I feel your pain and I live it!!! WE stopped xylitol a while back and I gave up chocolate on Turkey day! The withdrawal is a bit of a funky period. It makes me pretty spacey….that is more sore than my regular space out self!

    I am so totally proud of you!!!

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