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One Month-ish. No sugar.

Today is the approximate one month anniversary of my Sugar is Evil Freakout, so it seemed like an appropriate time to do a little bit of an all around reflection.

Mom and I have talked about this shift in our food intake quite a bit.

At first it was really hard to resist the sugary goodness, and when we succumbed to its seduction, it still tasted soo delicious. But there was this lingering aftertaste of evil.

A month into it and we’ve noticed our taste buds have already significantly changed. I can’t eat a half of whoopie pie from the coffee shop anymore without hitting sickly sweetness overload 3 bites from the end. And when I was tempted by the wedding cake, I had one bite and it was over, not even close to as delicious as I wanted it to be. Apparently my brain still thinks sugar might be delicious, but my mouth is no longer in complete agreement with that idea. Which is really freakin’ cool!

As we get further down this path, we realize that we like the direction that we’re going. Perhaps more then either of us thought we would. Yesterday I even went so far as to move the sugar and the agave out of the kitchen cupboard and into the pantry, because it didn’t make sense to look at it all the time anymore. And that made room for more useful dry goods like millet, rice and quinoa.

On the weight loss front, Mom is down a total of 8 pounds for the month, and I’m down 5.5. For Mom, this is the first significant downward slide since the entirely unhealthy “cookie diet” she did 6 years ago. The coolest part is that it seems to just be a convenient side effect. We have done surprisingly little in the way of exercise, and neither one of us has gone hungry.

So, one month into this, I’d have to say we’re both pretty excited. In addition to the weight loss, my dandruff is showing improvement, and my skin is getting clearer. The changes we’ve noticed are more then enough for us to know this is a good direction. It’s still hard not to indulge when given the option, or when surrounded by others that are indulging, but at home, with both of us on board, its really just become another evolution in how we eat.

Basically, its ON.


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This entry was posted on March 29, 2011 by in Everything All in One Place, Food, Cooking, the Garden, and the Way We Eat.

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