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A Community of Beautiful People, Part 1

This place is magical. I tell people that, and they either get it and know it, or they think I’m a little woo-woo out there.

For starters, Floyd found us. My mother and I moved here from South Florida last May. In March, we went on an exploratory road trip to West Virginia in search of a place to move to. West Virginia scared us, on many levels, not the least of which was the amount of garbage we saw in people’s yards and the bustling Walmart in seemingly every town big and small. Plan B was to meander our way home on backroads too see if any place else struck our fancy, and along the way we stopped at every visitor information place we came across, picking up whatever seemed useful. One of the random things we collected was a copy of Appalachian Voice, and as I was flipping through it, along some tiny road in North Georgia, I started reading an article that compared Floyd County to another county in West Virginia. As I read I knew Floyd was it, I had no idea where it was, but it was where we wanted to be.

We were looking to move someplace that had a sense of community. Someplace where supporting local businesses was important to people. Someplace where we could get locally grown food. Someplace that had a health food store, an acupuncturist, yoga classes, a coffee shop, and live music. What we didn’t want was Walmart or strip malls or six lane highways. The article didn’t say it had everything, but it said enough.

The night we got home I got on the internet and starting researching. And the more I did, the more perfect Floyd appeared, and the more excited I got. Floyd really did seem like it had it all. Even a house for rent on Craigslist that sounded too good to be true. Affordable rent, space enough for our business, a spectacular view, room for the dogs to run, decently close to town, and regular mail delivery. I sent an email inquiry that night, and it was like love at first sight on both ends. We tried to rent the house site unseen. Instead, they agreed to hold the house for us, and invited us to stay in the house when we were able to come up a month later to check it out. We even brought the dogs.

And we fell in love all over again.

We were greeted Friday night by Treesa, our landlady to be. It was the warmest welcoming I have ever experienced, one that I have told over and over again with great amazement. She had stocked our fridge with local organic produce, cheese, butter, eggs, and homemade bread. After getting the tour of the house, and walking up to the knob for the gorgeous 360 degree view, we chatted over an appetizer of bread, goat cheese, and canned figs while Treesa prepared dinner for us as though we were just friends over visiting. We ate dinner that night with her and her husband, Jeff, and two of their three kids. And then again the next night, with the addition of her sister and her husband. I felt like I’d fallen down a rabbit hole. Mom and I couldn’t sign the lease fast enough.

We couldn’t move fast enough either. That visit was the last weekend in April. We moved in on Memorial Day weekend.

To be continued…



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