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We don’t come with a guarantee

Even we’re beginning to think we’re nuts. Nothing is ever final in this house. There are no guarantees anything is going to stay the way it is. Constant change is the status quo.

We’ve carried a couch up or downstairs, from the main floor to the basement, at least once a month since we’ve lived here. Not to mention the other multitudes of furniture we have moved up, down and around too.

There’s a room in this house we don’t know what to do with. First we tried making it our living room, we didn’t use it. Then it was the puzzle room, we didn’t do any puzzles. People come to visit us, they need a place to sleep, so we made it our guest bedroom. I think people slept in it twice, and we kept the doors shut all other times so we didn’t have to heat it. In January I decided it would make a perfect grow room for my spring seedling project, but now its warm enough for them to go outside. Back on that hale bay the other day, looking out over the mountains, Mom and I realized that we don’t get involved in our individual art projects as much as we’d like to, because that means spending time in our rooms, which feels anti-social, so tonight we turned this unclaimed room into a studio room and I think it just might stay that way. Before I was even done getting my stuff organized I was sucked in by my sketchbook and all my pretty Sharpies and colored pencils calling out to me. But as I already said. There are no guarantees in this house.

Right before we left Florida for Floyd, I got all excited about making our own cheese, but I was sure making cheese was something we didn’t have time for with everything else we’d already piled on our plates by moving here and having our first garden. I’d guesstimated that I’d have to wait a year before we’d try. I’m not sure of the exact date, but I’m pretty sure we made cheese before September of last year. Less then 4 months after moving here. And we’re getting baby chicks in 3 weeks, our first livestock… also before our one year Floyd anniversary.

Mom and I swore we’d never vend anywhere, ever again. We made a pact. Vending was something close to torture. Its time consuming, exhausting, disheartening, expensive and rarely cost effective. Only one time out of the probably 15 or so times we’ve done it, has it ever been financially worth the frustration. But I came home from town on Wednesday telling Mom that I think we should try having a table at the Friday night artist market in Floyd. I even filled out the application.

A lot of people would probably call the way we eat a particular kind of “diet,” but we just call it the way we eat. Right now I’m on a green veggie (the fresh local spinach around here is to DIE for), avocado, Sami’s lavish, hummus and pesto kick. A couple weeks ago it was freezer veggie medley and cheese please. Before that it was lasagna. Before that I think we were obsessed with all kinds of squash soup. Right now we’re still rocking the no sugar phase, but there have also been no bread phases, no coffee phases, no raw veggie phases and ginger before and after every meal phases. And that is just in the past 4 months or so.

All I’m saying is – maybe we are nuts, but it works for us, because it means we hesitate less. We might have to completely change directions, or move something, again, or start over, or go back on what was once a final decision, but we don’t look at those as reasons not to do something that seems right for the moment and the direction we think we’re headed. Instead of seeing all those thing as obstacles like we used to, they’ve sort of just become a part of our flow, our growth, and our evolution.


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