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I’m BAaaack!

Oddly enough, it took me a while to even want to go. It wasn’t until we were flying over the pretty blue water on the puddle jumper to St. Vincent that I was truly able to feel excited about this trip. Up until that point, I struggled. I had to give myself a pep talk. I had to justify that I had earned this luxuriousness of a one week cruise on a giant catamaran in the Caribbean. Because in my head, I wasn’t quite sure I deserved it.

There was work to be done and bills still yet to be paid. This was not a trip that people in my situation should go on. This was irresponsible.

But I was flying over the pretty blue water and I wasn’t excited even though I wanted to be. So I told that little voice inside my head to shut up. I told it that I had indeed earned this. That I had worked hard and come a long way in the past year, and spending money on experience was far better then spending it on stuff. And this was going to be one helluvan experience.

Indeed it turned out to be.

There was endless pretty blue water. The kind where you can see to the bottom even though its 30 feet deep. We met friendly helpful happy locals. Reefer seemed to be in endless supply. Walking down main street, we smoked a spleef with the dready dudes milling outside the veggie stand.

In Tobago, we swam with wild turtles and saw gorgeous storms and full rainbows. We learned about island time and shortly and Caribbean siesta. We saw a humpback whale and a huge pod of dolphins playing on the sail from Union Island to Bequia. We ate the most scrumcious pumpkin fritters you can imagine.

Admist all of that, we got broken into, but nothing stolen; the fridge died on Wednesday; the windlass liked to throw the chain and dump the whole anchor rode over; I got a good whack in the head from the anchor hatch; and one of the dingy davit lines broke on our longest sail. And it took us 3 days to get home. (Stay tuned for that saga)

The lesson? Is the same one it always is. Its an adventure. And adventures are what you make of them. Catastrophe was avoided, we overcame and we conquered and we had fun. I’m quite certain I smiled, a LOT. And my life is most definitely richer for having experienced it.

For the full picture goodness, click here.


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This entry was posted on May 4, 2011 by in Memories.

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