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It’s been a year?!?!!!!

A year ago today we arrived in Floyd. Even though we had arrived, it felt as though we had just set foot on a journey.  I recently read a book that mentioned how much easier it is for an individual to make a change within an environment that supports that change. We moved here, in large part, to put ourselves in an environment, a community, that is leaps and bounds ahead of us in the direction we want to go. Sometimes its been intimidating to be the city-slicker-know-nothing-newbies-from-Florida, but we’ve found most people here are more then kind, willing to share, and helpful. I’m sure more then a few have gotten a good chuckle out of our antics. There are a lot of lessons we’ve learned the hard way, and a lot more we have still to learn, but our intentions are good and our minds open to the possibilities. I know that I have grown much since I got here, and that we have grown much, all in directions I am proud of.

Shortly after moving here I decided Floyd was magical, and a year later I must say that the magic of this town has not faded one bit. If anything, it has only begun to show how deep it truly runs. “Good energy” does not even begin to explain it. I imagine that the longer we’re here the more and more magic we’ll see. A year is only a hint of the potential. And a year just isn’t long enough. At least not for Floyd.

I guess some places you live, a year would be plenty. But here, its a year later and I still don’t feel settled. I haven’t found my stride. On some level, everyday, I’m living outside my “comfort zone.” And somedays I’d give anything to have that comfort zone back. To have the friends I could call when I want to go do something, the “tribal” gatherings that were just starting to happen when we left, my weekly dance fix courtesy of Grateful Dead Night at Skipper’s, or a little sweat, dirt and rocks with my mtb buddies.

But then I think how far I’ve come. How much I’ve learned. How beautiful this place is. How lucky I am to be here. And I have an immense amount of faith in myself for choosing to move here and the universe for presenting me with the opportunity.

To the Floydians that read this: Thank you for welcoming us into your community, your hearts, and your homes. None of you knew quite what to think of us when we got here, and maybe you still don’t, but we are happy to have met you, all of you, and to have started to become a part of the good people we moved here to be around.



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This entry was posted on May 27, 2011 by in A Community of Beautiful People.

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