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Moon Women

I went to this new moon women’s gathering last week at the Living Light in Floyd. It was unlike anything I had ever been to before. I had no idea what to expect. The only thing mom and I figured we could relate it to was Floyd’s own special version of church. And spiritual it was indeed. Some a little over my head and more then my liking. But most of all I walked away in amazement. In awe. With respect. And strength. Resolve. Compassion. That blissful feeling of shared experience and shared understanding. We’ve all been there, we’re all still there. From the 20 somethings to the women with grandchildren, everyone’s stories resonated. In their own way, everyone told the same story. The details weren’t the same, but the message was.

We are afraid and we look it in the eye. We find the strength to overcome and do. We seek out challenge and change. We listen to ourselves, even when other people think we’re crazy. We believe in ourselves and we believe in the universe. We trust the universe and the universe takes care of us. Sharing our weaknesses makes us stronger. Giving in to the moment is powerful. We are all here for each other. The continuum marches on. We support without judgement.

We chanted. We sang. We shared.

I went home, feeling peaceful. Knowing without a doubt, that everything was just as it was suppose to be. And I am relaxing with that thought still.


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