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Burning Man Defrag

More then anything I feel this calling to be a better version of me. Compromising is an option I no longer want to choose. Instead, I want to take those crazy ideas I get excited about and play them out, regardless of how crazy they are. I want to make the things I want to happen, happen. To go forth, and create magic. To not back down from things I thought could wait.

It was a reminder that where I want to be is on the fringes. The fringes are beautiful, and inspiring, and often hard to sustain, but life is fluid. Its about  always chasing my dreams and living them. But all the while its also about enjoying the where I am right now.

I am making it a habit to consciously enjoy each moment. Finding a way to enjoy each moment, as it is. There is joy in all of it, sometimes I just have to look for it more in some moments then others.

The temple burned down on Sunday night to a silent gathering in the tens of thousands. It was powerful. I felt Universal energy and release as the flames swallowed it up. Respect, gratitude and release was in the air.

The whole time it burned, I repeated this mantra under my breath:
Let go

I released it to the Universe. I released myself.


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Mud is main blog writer extraordinaire, picture guru, and the garden and adventure instigator. She loves to cook, but doesn’t much like following a recipe. She also loves typewriters, the color turquoise, and wearing tie dye with stripes. And she dorks out on while dreaming up and planning her next garden.

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This entry was posted on September 19, 2011 by in Everything All in One Place.

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