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I’m on a Mission to Grow Onions (among other things)

Last year I planted, from seed, over 500 plants. At least 250 of them were onions because we eat a LOT of onions around here. To be realistic about our onion usage, I’d really prefer to grow 365+ onions, because using one every single day is pretty much standard protocol. Everything starts with onions.

But I digress. My 250 onions started from seed didn’t really grow. I mean, they started to grow, they got to be about 5 inches tall, and they stayed green and stuff, but they never grew past that. Not wanting to give up on them, we lovingly, painstakingly, planted them in the garden like this, all 220 or so, and they still didn’t grow.

Now we’ve been onion rationing all year. And its just not that much fun.

So this year I started my seeds in January. I bought better potting soil. I bought a wider variety of seeds. We got a seedling starter mat and we have a better light set up. I still went conservative and only planted two boxes worth (approx 180 seeds). First box – 80% germination and actually still growing and getting all fat and juicy looking! Second box, started one week later, with all the same conditions, 25% germination and looking flimsy.

This will not do. I refuse to have an onion shortage again.

I tried sets last year too, not any significant success with them either, plus you don’t get to pick varieties.

You can’t exactly go buy onion seedlings at the nursery. Or so I thought.

Not exactly from our local nursery, but it turns out there’s a place in Texas that specializes in onion starts, and has for 99 years! So I went conservative…

and bought 15 dozen.



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One comment on “I’m on a Mission to Grow Onions (among other things)

  1. meka
    March 11, 2012

    So I’ll smell you coming to fl? 🙂

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