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If it weren’t for yoga, I think we all might just go insane

So far all I’ve written about is the garden and the chickens. This is totally unfair, but an honest representation of where our attention is. The chickens are unavoidable. They are just outside every door. Their poo is everywhere. Chickens occupy part of absolutely every day, for every one.

The garden gets so much attention on here and otherwise because I am the project leader, so I am bias to its time consumption properties. There are other projects that I need to give their due.

Momma Suze has been immersed in weavery antics since obtaining her first loom last fall. The past two weeks where very weavery intense for her, as she was specially invited to an advanced workshop (even though she’s a newbie), and needed to do some homework in order to be prepared. It was a nail biting last minute push to get it done, off the loom, and rewarp that bad boy for the workshop. She ignored personal hygiene, cooking duties, and even the chickens (gasp!) at times, in order to accomplish this weavery ridiculousness. One would think that this caused an abnormal level of chaos and mayhem around here, but really it was nothing above average for us. I guess that means that mayhem is normal.

Which I spose it is. Because I’m not even done with the projects, or the mayhem. It gets better you see. Hank likes beats. Actually its more like love, and to be specific its loud beats. Hank loves loud beats. The average guy, which as you are about to find out, is not Hank, would just turn up the volume on some average speakers and pretend not to hear how shitty they sound as the bass gets all fuzzy and bottoms out. This is not what Hank does. This is not acceptable to Hank. Hank, you see, does not stand for this kind of crime against sound. So what does Hank do? Guess. I dare you.

He researches the stereo speaker fanatic best bang for your buck speaker and decides that he wants nothing less. And these are not speakers you buy at the store. These are speakers one must handcraft. His two subs are Titan 48s, horn loaded, heavy dropping, behemoths of sound. Well named I might add. They are currently built and residing in the Beat Radness studio of sound at the cabin. If you’ve never much liked loud music or body shaking bass, I’ll bet on these babies changing your mind.

Now, as if this wasn’t already awesome enough (because I’m pretty sure we never consider anything unimprovable), he’s taking these Titan 48s, plus the Omni top speakers that are in progress, and he’s creating an off-the-grid-solar-powered-mobile-beat-radness-art-car-machine. His inspiration comes from the art cars of Burning Man. Watch out world, because this might just get out of control.

As an afterthought, I spose I should mention that amidst all of this, we are still growing RAGGEDedge and trying to be stock on the shelves, AND we’re co-creating/organizers of the first annual Floyd Yoga Jam, a yoga and music festival. Which, while I just crammed all this into the last two sentences of a long post, are both really big deals. RAGGEDedge just had a record month and the Yoga Jam is only 4 months away, with lots still to be done.


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This entry was posted on May 17, 2012 by in Beat Radness, Weavery.

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