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Chicken Math

For over two months we’ve had chickens in 3 separate locations. Now, you might be thinking this is not that big of deal, lots of people with lots of chickens have them all over the place. But you see, we only have 10 layers, 23 incu-babies, and a mammacita and her 2 babies, Fric & Frac. 36 chickens total. Now, you might be thinking, that is a lot of chickens, especially for three people, most people around here think we should have an egg problem, but let me lay out the reality of it all.

The 10 layers only consistently laid an egg everyday for about 2 weeks at some point early this Spring. (Turns out that our good old heritage breed Buckeyes are probably endangered because they’re just not that awesome of a chicken breed. It took them forever to start laying, their eggs are tiny, and for being first year layers their consistency is the pits. Not to mention that every single one of them has gone broody at least once.) Average daily egg take now is sitting around 5 or 6, about three dozen a week. Which is pretty much what we were buying pre-chicken era. So, long story short, we don’t have an egg problem.

The 23 incu-babies, according to the laws of nature and such, will end up being half dudes. And while a roo or two is nice, 11 0r 12 is a recipe for chicken war. So half those incu-babies will end up in the freezer, leaving us with 11 or 12 layers again for next year.

When we started with chickens last Spring, we got 15 babies in the mail, one died, 7 were roos and 7 were ladies. The 7 ladies weren’t keeping up with our egg consumption so we got 6 more layers from someone in town, giving us 13. Two of them have died, one pecked to death and the other hung herself. (Bizarre I know, but true. Even crazier – she still laid an egg. We found her still alive, but barely. I called her TLC for Tough Little Chick, and was desperately hoping she would live.)

So now you see that 36 chickens really isn’t that many. Or rather, that this is just what we have convinced ourselves of.



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This entry was posted on May 18, 2012 by in Chickens.

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