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Everything is Crazier then it was

Hank as a vision for Beat Radness Mobile (as of yet, unnamed, although we are considering Rita after the Beetles song) and has started work on bringing it to life.

Our tomato plants are going gangbusters and the cages they were in were far too constrictive for their superfluous tendencies so we massacred them a little bit to get them out and made a suspension system.

I got the idea for it after reading Eliot Coleman’s Winter Harvest Handbook, which briefly talked about how they grow maters in greenhouses and keep them productive all season long.  And since I’ve mentioned the Handbook, I’d like to say that its awesome and has not only a ton of ideas, but also step by step ways to implement them. I didn’t finish the book overwhelmed, so much as inspired.

Next up – the Hugelkultur bed that I was so excited about is turning out to be a failure this year.  I’m thinking it doesn’t have enough dirt. The basil and peppers planted in it are alive, but way smaller then the ones in sheet mulched raised beds and almost all of the squash plants had squash bugs and borers despite the nasturtiams and cedar mulch. In a last minute attempt to save the least affected of them, we picked off the leaves with eggs and transplanted them to sheet mulch bed and reapplyed a hefty layer of cedar. I have my fingers crossed.

I saved the best for last:

Meet Mr. Composterator! He’s quirky and charming and didn’t cost me anything but screws to build. He’s my fourth attempt at making compost. 1. was a circle of chicken wire that the dogs got into. 2. was a 50 gallon drum with holes drilled in it that was too hard to use. 3. was/is a worm bin that just can’t keep up with our kitchen scraps. and 4. is Mr. Composterator. Again, Eliot Coleman inspired. Made in an afternoon in the garage, transported to the garden, and already started building the pile with kitchen scraps, spinach plants gone to seed, and chicken manure with shavings. Next layer will be some leaves, then dirt, and then we’ll probably have more kitchen scraps.



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