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Our Tumultuous Relationship with the T-Post

Roughly two and a half years ago we moved to Floyd. Shortly after unpacking the moving van, and definitely long before unpacking all the boxes, we set about setting up our first garden. We were late you see. It was already the end of May. I had started what I could from seed before we moved, and the back of my car (then a Mazda3 hatchback) was packed only with live plants. It needed a sign. Course, they probably would have pulled us over for crossing state lines had they known.

I was anxious to get these well traveled young plants in the ground, but had already been informed that the deer would delight on eating whatever I planted without a fence to ward them off. So my introduction to T-posts happened pretty quick after moving here. And our first date did not go well. But then, we didn’t really communicate.

Mom and I walked into the first farmish/gardenish supply looking store we found on our first errand exploratory adventure. We were so fucking clueless. All we knew was that we needed 8ft deer fence and matching t-posts. One every ten feet. So that’s what we asked for, and that’s what we got. Plus some weird looking wire clip things. No explanation. Just here, these come with. You would have thought by the way this transaction went down that it was like getting a straw with a drink, no explanation needed type of thing. We had no idea what they had just included with our fence and fence posts.

Have you ever tried to bang in t-posts taller then you with a sledgehammer whilst standing atop a dining room chair on not very flat ground? Its an adventure/learning experience I highly recommend. I think it took mom and I three days to put in our 10 fence posts. Luckily our snail pace meant that nobody lost a finger, and nobody fell over. That task accomplished, we moved on to attaching the fence, which is where we figured these snazzy wire clip things were suppose to come in handy. We just couldn’t figure out how in the hell they work. We had every pair of pliers we owned out there trying to man handle and manipulate these suckers on in such a way that they actually served a purpose, to no avail. We told each other we were smart. We should be able to figure this out. How hard could it be? Hard. Very, very hard. We resorted to googling and youtube, only to learn that our whole problem was that the clips might very well go with the t-posts but they definitely don’t go with our choice of fence. They’re made for stretched electrified wire or barb wire. I’m not clear on whether or not this made us feel more idiotic or less, just clear on that it ended our hours of attempts to make them work and we went with wire ties instead.

Then, after visiting a friend for dinner one night, and helping them put in tomato stakes after dinner, we learned that there exists a fence post pounder tool. And the look on our faces had to have been similar to a little kids when they first discover how to ride a bike. Pure magic.

I’m deciding these t-post things might be almost practical after all. Except we can’t seem to pull them out without bending them as we rock them back and forth to wiggle them out, which then sucks for pounding them back in. The magical moment on this happened at burning man of all places. Far, far away from a garden. Out in the dusty desert stakes are abound securing just about everything from the 30-40mph winds – and t-posts were a common site. Pulling things out of the playa is no joke, but the folks at burning man are no joke either – they have t-post pullers!! Again, our faces lit UP. THIS is how we’re suppose to be doing it!!! Magic. Again.

So now I officially love the t-post. It can hang around for a while.


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One comment on “Our Tumultuous Relationship with the T-Post

  1. suze
    October 20, 2012

    i so totally wiped those freaking pretzel wire clips right off the brain, so utterly maddening at the time. i’ll bet the men at the farmer supply store that gave them to us with the Tposts and black pastic deer fence laughed themselves silly…

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