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This is What Happens When You Have Too Many Eggs


Houston, we have a problem

Not that kind of problem, an egg problem. Seriously. Finally. After two years of proud mama chicken raisin, we have 16 hens, two roos and finally too many eggs. Whoowhee, oh what a problem to have.  I’ve googled all kinds of way to reduce our egg backlog aside from the usual hawk-mo style veggie packed cheeseless breakfast omelete.  Only two eatable things of interest popped to the top of the search lists, quiches and pound cakes.

Of course the pound cake sounded much more inviting that the quiche, no pie crust required.  Can you believe there is 6 eggs in a pound cake?  Unfortunately the rest of the ingredient list includes: 8 oz cream cheese, ¾ lb butter, 3 cusps sugar, flour, salt, baking powder. We had all that stuff in the pantry, no surprise there.  I’ve never made or eaten a pound cake. Time to fix that…

This cake is so darn good.  It was good fresh out of the oven. It’s good as a slice for a quick snack, even better toasted.   Even though I used organic cream cheese, amish sweet butter, sucanet sugar and half spelt flour (less gluten), I’m not sure we should make this very often unless we all plan to run up the mountain to the top of the nob and back every day before eating it. Yowzers, you could just sniff it and pack it on your ass.

Since none of us are likely to run up to the Knob on a daily basis, I think the smarter thing to do is suck it up,  make some awesome veggie quiches with pie crusts  (did I mention that I really dislike making pie crusts?) and put the word out to a few folks that we’ve got some amazing eggs for sale…

Written by Suze! (her first post)


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This entry was posted on October 24, 2012 by in Chickens, Cooking.

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