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The Herbie Conference Fallout

I chewed plantain and left it sitting in the back of my mouth over some spot behind my last molar that was on its way to becoming a toothache. I did this once a day for three days. A week later, my gum is healed and my tooth isn’t the least bit sore.

Plantain – A common site in almost every lawn

Say what?!

Then, last weekend, we left the back way from our house to return the borrowed teepee poles (which is not a way we’ve been in a while) and I screeched to a halt just before the end or our road because I’d spotted mullein. AKA the toilet paper plant (because its got super soft large leaves. ((I’ve actually field tested mullein for this purpose and found it to be quite decadent))). AKA the stuff mom needs to make soothing ear oil for Ayla Brown. Extra special bonus was that there was actually a blooming mullein (despite it being way late in the season for that) which was even more exactly what mom needed to make the oil. This made my whole day. Genie just parked on the road, Hank, Mom and I out collecting mullein off the embankment. Our first wild crafting experience.


Closeup of Mullein Leaves


All this because Mom went to the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference in Asheville last month and learned some super cool stuff. We are all really freaking excited about learning how to use nature to heal what ails us.  The potential is HUGE.


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2012 by in Garden.

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