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Holy Shit: A post about Poo

I read this book:



Its the poop book for grownups. A step up from the children’s version: Everyone Poops. This one is awesomely interesting and informative. Now mom and Hank our fighting over who gets to read it next. Whether or not us reading a book about poo surprises any of you is really beside the point. Because the point is that POOP IS AWESOME (and I want you to think about that, just for a little while anyways). Really. Well, minus the stinky part. That is definitely less then awesome.

Poop talk, direct from the pooping parlor.

Poop talk, direct from the pooping parlor.

But this stinky shit is extremely valuable! We wouldn’t be able to sustain our food growing system without it. Its all about managing the poop in such a way that its useful instead of unsanitary and disgusting. For example – composting poop (human, ruminant, or other) vs. flushing or throwing in the landfill (maybe even wrapped in plastic) or creating a manure lagoon. A tragedy and serious waste of resources indeed.

Did you know that in some other countries its polite to poop before you leave when you have a meal at someone’s house so that they may use it to help grow the next meal, so to speak??

We don’t have any outhouses here, an oddity indeed, but I want one. I do pee outside when its not freezing, motivated in part by this forum post I found last year on And even when we pee inside, we don’t flush it all the time. I decided last year that the best part of having chickens is having access to their poop – our tomatoes and peppers and basil raged in their chicken coop poop sheet mulch bed. I have more of that goodness already aging for this years garden and I’m working on a manure pack in the goat barn to add to my gardening repertoire for next year.

Poop, is literally, the shit. 


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2013 by in Garden.

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