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Baby Chicks! Baby Ducks! Fish! Green Grass! Oh My!

We thought this place was gorgeous even in the brown of Winter, but now I think even an unbiased person might find some beauty around here. The green and blooms of Spring are to die for. I don’t remember ever paying this much attention to it before. And now I’m practically consumed by it. I think it has something to do with how much time we spend outside. Which I think has something to do with living in small houses. Nature becomes the extension of your living space. I like this feature a lot. Outside is my favorite room.

Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring

Spring did come on with an awful vengeance this year though. Seemingly bringing on the blooms and tree buds in a matter of days. It went from snowing and sticking to 90+ degree heat in a week. No joke. I think its cuz the Florida grandparents were here (when it snowed) and then they went home (and it got warm). I’ve always believed that the Universe is paying attention to those kinds of things.

Hot steaming compost in the snow!

Hot steaming compost in the snow!

Alas, Spring is here and we’re still working on the Veggie Stadium. I seem to keep just ahead of the planting with the filling. We resorted to buying a dumptruck load of finished compost because we decided that $300 worth of compost would go along ways towards making sure we have a good harvest, and starting 20 raised beds from scratch in one year with no time to decompose is not exactly a recipe for success. Next year however they will be quite grand indeed. And for many years to come. This year its definitely just all about getting ’em built, getting ’em filled, and trying to grow something. Anything. So far we’ve eaten some tatsoi, and I’m hoping for some radishes and turnips soon. The work of this place makes me feel good and makes me smile. I can’t explain it any more then to say that it doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy the hauling and the mowing and the walking and the planting and the cooking.


We also got baby chicks to replenish our layer flock in the Fall, which needed a predator proof baby chick house, which Mom the carpentress built. We ordered what we hope to better layers this time, rather then Mom’s experiment into heritage breed chickens with the Buckeyes. This time around we got White Leghorns (which are suppose to be the best feed to egg ratio chicken), Golden Commets (which are suppose to be excellent layers with a good attitude), and some Barred Rocks (for prettyness factor, and hopes of getting a handsome rooster).


White Leghorn, Golden Comet, Barred Rock

White Leghorn, Golden Comet, Barred Rock

And we got Hank ducks as part of his birthday month. We got the funniest ducks I could find, Indian Runners, because we decided that comedy duck TV sounded like a fantastic channel. They too needed a predator proof duck house. Turns out they needed one worse then the chicks because their water antics are INSANE. They simply can’t get enough of the stuff, which doesn’t go well with 15 ducks less then 8 square feet of plastic tupperware. Anybody who says/thinks that having ducks without an actual pond for them to play in, has to be kidding. They poop up and splash out their water in a matter of minutes. Watch the video:

Indian Runner Baby Duck TV from Hawk Mo Collective on Vimeo.

Now that the weather has warmed up we’ve discovered that we do indeed have some fish in the larger pond. Even went catching one evening. Nothing big, but definitely some fun little biters. Harvested the wormies myself straight from the garden.

The goaties stay out on pasture full time now. No more walking them back and forth to the barn like we did all Winter. We put the little old white goat house that we found here in the pasture with them as a temporary shelter until Mom has time to build a better one. The babies are nearly full grown! Still playful as ever, bouncing and bounding and head butting and twisting around. Goat TV is still a good channel, we just watch it less often now that we don’t have to tend to them twice a day. I swear the show is twice as good as it used to be though.

Watching this place come alive has been amazing. The front meadow is a rich green full of clover. We can see the wind puffs on the grass. Every walk we find new plants, see new wildlife. Birds galore. We try to identify things. We’re pretty bad at it, but we have found some treasures: most notably a decent patch of Nettles in the old garden, fruit trees galore (still crossing our fingers in hopes we get to harvest something from them), tons of mint, and Hank found asparagus!! I’m newly in love with the color GREEN and my camera.



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