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The Hazards and Delights of Eating Local & Homegrown

We ate scones for dinner tonight. Not scones and a salad, or scones and eggs, or even scones and meat. We just ate scones. At least these were the best scones ever (according to the internet).

Not normally what we’d call dinner, I admit. But we’re suffering from a Spring time local food shortage. I’m actually pretty sure that none of us ate any type of vegetable today at all. Normally, we eat lots of vegetables for lunch and dinner.

The way I see it, three things have gotten us to this scones-for-dinner-no-veggie-eating-day:

1. Our freezer is down to slim pickings from last years harvest. For veggies, all we have left are some beets and beet greens (anyone surprised?), corn, and green peppers.

2. Even though we’ve been trying to grow veggies since February, all we’ve managed to actually eat out of the garden to date is a couple of measly salad fixings and a respectable bag of spinach. The radishes went to seed before they turned into anything edible, the turnips might still turn into something, and the carrots, spring beets, and snow peas are taking their dear sweet time. In comparison to years past, this Spring feels colder, longer, and wetter – not counting the three days of 90+ degree heat that came out of nowhere. What all of this amounts to is that we thought that eating out of our garden by May would be a no brainer, and that has not been the case.

IMG_3629 (1)

3. I actually feel somewhat guilty buying vegetables at the store. Even the little local health food store that stocks mostly organic, and local produce when they can get it. I have to tell myself its ok. I have to have a discussion with mom first and tell her that I’m telling myself that its ok. We need to eat veggies. Its better to eat veggies, even if they came from far away, then not. I have to give myself a freaking veggie buying pep talk. Every. Single. Time.

The good news is, things are looking on the up and up.

We found out the Stuart farmers market is already open for the season on Friday mornings and we’ll be going for the first time this week!

We ordered half a pig from one of the local meat producers in Floyd and we get to pick it up at the butcher next week! Hank can’t freaking wait to add some sausage to our breakfast dinners.

And, thanks to the kindness of friends willing to be flexible for us, we finally have a cow share for raw milk which we just started last week! Homemade yogurt, check. Next up we’re going to try ricotta and mozzarella.

Strawberry picking happens next week and we’re going to try making our own jam for the first time in years. Years, years. Like, the last time I remember doing it was when we lived on Edwin St in Rhode Island. I might have been 5?

Just a quick catch up on other happenings at Hawk-Mo:

I imagine all the duck conversations they're having in this great moment of indecision and hesitation.

I imagine all the duck conversations they’re having in this great moment of indecision and hesitation.

  • the ducks are BIG and we moved their house down to the pond yesterday. They’re very skittish, but they did finally make it down to the pond for swim time. The funniest part is when one decides to go super sonic underwater and pop up and scare every one else. They all get out and waddle up to their house and then decide that its safe to go back down. This happens 6 times in the span of 3 minutes.
  • the baby chicks are also BIG and their house is now down in the same little clearing as Bubba Phet with the big chicks. We were trying to contain them with the electric chicken fence, but they don’t care.
  • we think we’ve identified some of the fruit trees as peaches and apples. We’ve discovered 3 or 4 grape vines that we’ve transplanted up on the hill behind the ghetto cabin. And we planted 7 blueberry plants back there too. Bring on the orchard!
  • To make room for said orchard, Hank has been cutting down some of the stupid trees that they left in the meadow. We need firewood anyways, and these are an easy thing for us to start on. Plus, they’re stupid. Tall, skinny, no branch things. In some way, it does still feel wrong to be excited about cutting down trees, but I counter that with being excited about exactly what it takes to keep our house warm when its cold. All heat comes from somewhere, and home harvested wood seems to be a fair choice up against coal.
  • we still don’t have the garden fence up. It rained a lot last week, and this week, and when it wasn’t raining the sky was still cloudy. At least until today. The ground is a literal slip and slide in lots of places. Hank took me mudding in Tinker on the low road yesterday. Mom approved. She said it was practice for driving in the snow and ice. Had a blast. Felt all rednecky and stuff. Twas great slinging mud up all over the place. I even took pictures of our mudded up truck. Lucky for you, I did not take any video.
  • we had a pretty serious goat injury last week. They were out in the front pasture and Hazel got stuck in the cattle panel we use as the gate. Apparently if they aren’t on their way home at 5 o’clock they get anxious. Now we know. Anyways, I had to run back and get Hank and Tinker. Hank had to jaws of life two bars in order for us to lift her out of there and then she couldn’t use her back legs at all. What was wierd is that it was her front that was stuck. Not quite sure what happened, but after a full night of rest and recovery in the barn she was able to get around somewhat, and a couple of days and she was walking slow and wobbly. We’re hoping for a full recovery, but still aren’t sure.

Till next time. This is Hawk-Mo Collective. Over and out.


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