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We’re starting a marine sanctuary here at Hawk-Mo. I know this, because Hank wrote a pact, and we all signed it. We want to try learning to grow coral, breed fish, and propagate anemones. We want to be the ironic fish business in the middle of the mountains, saving the creatures of the ocean. We figure it will take us about a year to get things set-up, establish our breeding stock, and start to sell some things. It’s a little bit of a long term project.


Our first ever Hawk-Mo Collective pact was about NOT buying a piece of property that we all loved, but that had deed restrictions and neighbors we couldn’t handle. I wrote it after a particularly nasty correspondence with said neighbors, about said deed restrictions. We all signed it, and I stuck on the fridge. Two hours later, when the neighbor lady rolled up in our driveway unannounced to try and convince us that her husband hadn’t meant what he said (despite him saying that he did), that pact made it much easier to show her the door. One of my all time favorite moves in the history of Muddom. Ultimately, this property would have bored us to tears.

That pact, in its own way, got us to Earthsong (the name of this property before it became Hawk-Mo). And Earthsong, with all of its ridiculousness, required another pact. This property intimidated the shit out of us. We saw the potential, we fell in love, but damn did it scare us. We had commitment issues. The land was years unmaintained and overgrown. The buildings, all 9 of them, were all full of random and mostly useless junk. They too had been left to mother nature, overgrown vines, wasps, and spiders galore. Not to mention that amount of garbage and rotting half finished projects scattered about and thrown in the woods. The one building that could be considered a house didn’t have much of a kitchen, and the space that we put RAGGEDedge in is less then half the space it was in before. To say this place was a stretch for us, is an understatement. So, like the crazy people we are, we made a pact to buy it because we knew in our hearts it was an opportunity we didn’t want to let ourselves pass up.


Pacts are our way of saying “HELL YES!” to the opportunities the Universe hands us. The amazing things that we might otherwise find a way to weasel out of. Things that in our best state of minds we are truly excited about, and believe we can do, but things that our lizard brain would talk us out of every time, for one reason or another. All we have to do is give that lizard brain an inch, and it takes a mile. There is never any shortage of reasons not to do whatever it is.

We do plenty of crazy things without pacts. For example, we went to Burning Man, twice, on short notice. There was no time for a pact. It was a crazy HELL YES decision the moment it was made and there wasn’t time for anything less then full on commitment from the start. On our 2012 trip to the BRC, when we were in the middle of Wyoming, broken down, in desperate need of a new fuel filter, not one of us questioned our decision to go and thought we should go home, we just figured it out and did what needed to be done to get there. No pact necessary. But pacts work really well for those crazy things that are going to take a while. Buying Hawk-Mo was a long, drawn out process full of hurdles and surprises that gave me opportunities to quit (for good reasons!) at every turn, had I not really wanted to follow through. Without that pact of ours, we definitely would not be here.

Often, the hardest part for us is getting down to the actual money part of things and investing in our dreams. So we tell ourselves that we’re worth it. That our dreams are worth it. That we’re here to live. And living is more then surviving. Living is taking chances. Living is chasing your dreams, no matter how crazy or weird or impractical. Living is spending your money on these things you think are important, despite what society thinks about them. None the less, its still hard. It always seems to make more sense, and feel more responsible, to not spend our money on these things. Problem is, we would do nothing important to us. Dreams need determination, but they also need money. So we practice investing in ourselves and our art and our dreams and let the success be in the trying, and the life lived.


About mudly

Mud is main blog writer extraordinaire, picture guru, and the garden and adventure instigator. She loves to cook, but doesn’t much like following a recipe. She also loves typewriters, the color turquoise, and wearing tie dye with stripes. And she dorks out on while dreaming up and planning her next garden.

2 comments on “Pacts & Dreams

  1. meka
    January 10, 2014

    Love love love love love:)

    • mudly
      January 10, 2014

      love love love you!!!!

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