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About the Hawk Mo Collective


The Hawk-Mo Hotwire is brought to you by the Hawk-Mo Collective.

Hawk-Mo Collective Group Shot

The Hawk-Mo Collective humans are Hank, Mud, and Suze. The dogs are Ayla, Lulu, and Luna. Plus Buzz & Reefer the cats, the always varying flock of chickens, ducks, bees and fish. We are homesteaders, artists, dream chasers and makers of RAGGEDedge Gear, our micro at-home business.

We live and work here:

Hawk-Mo Garden

Meet Hank:

Hank on D-Allis

He’s our team leader for the bees, saltwater aquarium, and property maintenance projects. He’s also our muscle, our engineer, and our doer of all sorts of manly things. He likes neon pink, loud bass, and turbo diesels. He makes a mean impromptu dinner (I call it the Hank Scramble) and a drink that goes right along with it. At RAGGEDedge, he’s our head seamster, otherwise known as an extremester.

Hank Sewing


Then there’s me. I go by Mud. I’m the main blog writer extraordinaire and picture guru, AKA Shenanigans Documentation Expert. Hank is my man friend.

Mud's Huge Sunflower

That is the big ass sunflower I grew last year. I am the resident garden and adventure instigator (everybody needs at least one). I love to cook, but don’t much like following a recipe. I also loves typewriters, the color turquoise, and wearing tie dye with stripes. At RAGGEDedge, I like to say my job title is “jackette-of-all-trades.” I do everything from production planning and cutting to marketing, graphic design and shipping.

Mud and Mama Suze

Suze is my mama, AKA Mama Suze. She is also the chicken mama, herby lady, and head food putter upper. She loves projects, particularly the house kind, and has decided that its never too late to learn to be a carpenter. In the kitchen, she is the master of breakfast, baking of all kinds, and ice cream. She is the woman that truly started the business, juggling all aspects of it to get it off the ground. Today, she does everything from sewing to website design and maintenance to product design to paperwork.

Together we are the Hawk-Mo Collective.
Thanks for stopping by.

All of Us


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